Field Trips


Ignite Curiosity, Unleash Potential!

Our educational and research field trips are designed to spark curiosity, delving deeper into the subjects that ignite passion and foster growth.

Integrated programs of knowledge and learning

In collaboration with esteemed educational institutions in Greece and abroad, we offer a cohesive program encompassing the planning, organization, and 24-hour support for educational, scientific, and research expeditions across a diversity of fields.

Where education meets excitement!

  • Sightseeing tour in archaeological sites and museums
  • Sailing excursions and water sports
  • Outdoor activities like climbing, rafting and trekking
  • Attending of cultural and artistic events
  • Exploration of flavors through gastronomy and wine tasting programs
  • Alternative activities like beekeeping courses and recognition of aromatic herbs

Services Above and Beyond

  • Full planning of educational and research trips
  • Airline and hotel reservations
  • Τransportation of the participants
  • Organization of specialized thematic visits and expeditions
  • Planning of networking activities and the holding of seminars and lectures
  • Collaboration with distinguished specialists, scientists, and orators from Greece
  • Full coverage of Interpretation, translation and secretarial support services