Maritime Traveling


A prominent player in the maritime industry

Norstar Tourism boasts a rich history of experience, marked by substantial turnover across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

International Presence-Local Support

We pride ourselves on delivering exclusive deals on seaman tickets in Greece. With our strong network of local associates and suppliers from around the globe, we guarantee the most financially advantageous rates for our clients, shipping companies, and qualified professionals.

Our services include reception services at the airport, transportation from and to the ship, hotel reservations and more.

Extensive network of associates

  • Ship-owners and Boat owners ​
  • Engineers, Conservators
  • Technicians, and Surveyors
  • Exploration teams and Rescue workers
  • Decorators and Hardware experts
  • Crew agencies and Coast workers ​
  • Port Authorities
  • Tugboats and Navigators
  • Cruise liners and Ferry boats

Whatever you need. Whenever you need it